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Repository to support the 'GIS for Transport Applications' (GIS4TA) workshop

Key information

The aim of GIS4TA is to provide a forum for learning, discussion and dissemination for people using Geographic Information Systems (GIS) for transport planning and related applications.

The first #GIS4TA (tweet the hashtag!) took place in Leeds, April 2015. More details here:

The main purpose of this repository is to link together resources that were used for the workshop, to ensure that the materials will be of use to others. Hopefully this set of links and resources will continue to grow. Feel free to fork, clone, copy and re-use any of the content.

But please credit the source.

A write-up of the event can be found on my personal website:

Links to workshop materials

  • Introduction to R and QGIS for transport applications (Robin Lovelace). Available as a pdf and a repository.
  • Route Analysis using R and Google Maps (Nick Bearman). Available as a .pdf and a repository.
  • Collecting, processing and analysing large GPS and Smartphone datasets (Richard Ellison and Adrian Ellison). Available from a GitHub repository.
  • Hackathon to develop methods for identifying optimal routes for bicycle paths (Godwin Yeboah). Available as a repository.

Submissions to 'best map' award

Additional information

If you are interested in attending future GIS4TA events, watch this space.


Repository to support the 'GIS for Transport Applications' (GIS4TA) workshop




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