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Spatial Microsimulation with R

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This repository hosts the code and data used in Spatial Microsimulation with R, a book by Robin Lovelace and Morgane Dumont, (with chapter 10 contributed by Johan Barthélemy, chapter 11 contributed by Richard Ellison and David Hensher and chapter 12 contributed by Maja Založnik).

The book is now published and is available from CRC Press.

We hope to continue to update the book as methods evolve and we encourage contributions on any part of the book, including:

  • Improvements to the text, e.g. clarifying unclear sentences, fixing typos (see guidance from Yihui Xie).
  • Changes to the code, e.g. to do things in a more efficient way.
  • Suggestions on content (see the project's issue tracker).

The latest version of the book can be viewed at the book's homepage at Anyone can contribute to this book here.