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Matlab code for analyzing TTTR data from PicoQuant. Typical application is analysis of single pair FRET measurements with pulsed interleaved excitation (PIE-FRET).

File Structure

  • analyzePIE. Main analysis engine
  • readHeader. Function that reads the header of a Symphotime TTTR binary file
  • readCounts2. Speedup of over 100x from PicoQuant parser.
  • calcMCS. calculates the MCS binning. Returns MCS data and the maps of photons into bins.


  • TCSPC histograms
  • Photon counting histograms (PCH)
  • MCS traces (also called burst traces)
  • 1D histograms of TE, S, and tau
  • 2D histograms of TE-S
  • 2D histograms of TE-tau (new)
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