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A simple django form field widget for a text field with a current word count. It can alternatively be configured to display the character, paragraph, or sentence count.

Installation and usage

  1. Install with pip
pip install django-countable-field
  1. Add "countable_field" to your INSTALLED_APPS setting like this:
  1. In the form, set the field's widget to be "CountableWidget", passing the count type, minimum and maximum word count as additional parameters, such as:
    self.fields['essay_response'].widget = \
                CountableWidget(attrs={'data-count': 'words',
                                       'data-min-count': this.essay_min_length,
                                       'data-max-count': this.essay_max_length})
  1. Include {{ }} in your template to render the JavaScript where form is the name of your form context variable. If you use the Crispy Forms app you can skip this step - it will take care of the media element for you.

The following additional parameters are optional. data-min-count and data-max-count must be integers. data-count indicates what kind of text to count, and can be one of the following: 'words' (default), 'characters', 'paragraphs', or 'sentences'.

Additional parameters:

Attribute Options
data-count The type of text to be counted. Options are 'words' (default), 'characters', 'paragraphs', or 'sentences'.
data-min-count The minimum of the text count type that is required for this field. Must be an integer.
data-max-count The maximum of the text count type that is allowed for this field. Must be an integer that is larger than the data-min-count (if set).
data-count-direction Whether the counter displays the current count or the allowed remaining count. Options are 'up' (default) or 'down'. Set to to 'down' to display the allowed text remaining.

To run the example project, run the server using the settings file in the example_project module.

python runserver --settings=example_project.settings

I wrote a blog post to explain how I made this app. Check it out here:


This project makes use of the Countable.js library courtesy of Sacha Schmid.


A simple django form field widget for a text field with a current word count.




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