A data-binding Presentation Model(MVVM) framework for the Android platform.
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As personal time contraints, I am currently unable to keep up. Please use official android databinding instead.

robobinding logo RoboBinding

A data-binding Presentation Model (MVVM) framework for the Android platform. RoboBinding helps you write UI code that is easier to read, test and maintain without performance compromise (code generation instead of java reflection).

  • removes - lots of unnecessary code(e.g., addXXListener(), findViewById()…​) - by binding.

  • turns - hard to unit tests and Android unit tests running for ages which makes unit tests impractical - into pure POJO PresentationModels with normal JUnit tests.

  • provides the object cursor as a replacement to - the relational cursor but we are used to operating objects.

  • it is easy to implement attribute bindings for any custom components, third-party components or Android widgets, which simplifies the code and produces more maintainable code base.

Let’s watch an introductory video and then get started from here.

RoboBinding values code quality. The framework source code is very readable and comes with a complete set of tests, which makes contributing easy and enjoyable. Want to contribute? Start here.

RoboBinding loves to hear any voices (negative or positive) or suggestions and invite you to post into RoboBinding Google group.

download Download: releases on Maven Central and latest snapshots on Sonatype OSS Repo.

Google groups Questions and Discussions: Google group

Twitter logo blue Twitter: @robobinding

Build and tested on CloudBees DEV@cloud

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