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A tool that generates statistics from official SSL log files.


You need to install following dependencies first:

  • Go >= 1.16


Use go get to install all packages / executables:

go get -u


The executables are installed to your $GOPATH/bin folder. If you have it on your $PATH, you can directly run them. Else, switch to this folder first.


Generate Statistics

The ssl-match-stats command will generate the statistics into an intermediate data structure match-stats.{json|bin} from which they can be exported. This must be done per tournament and division.

The command takes a list of log files as input:

ssl-match-stats *.log.gz

Export Statistics to CSV files

The generated statistics can be exported into CSV files for further processing, for example with a spreadsheet software or Matlab. The ssl-match-stats-csv command will read the match-stats.bin protobuf file from the current folder and produces a set of CSV files:


Export Statistics to a Database

The generated statistics can be exported into a PostgreSQL database (other DBs not yet tested). This is useful if you want to apply some BI (Business Intelligence) application on the data.

See Setup for Match Stats DB for instructions on setting up the database.

See Setup for Metabase for instructions on setting up Metabase, an open-source BI software.

The command requires some parameters:

  • tournament: A unique name for the tournament of the log files, for example 'RoboCup2019'
  • division: The division of the log files, one of: 'DivA', 'DivB', 'none'
  • sqlDbSource: A connection string to the target database
ssl-match-stats-db -sqlDbSource postgres://user:password@host:port/db-name -tournament RoboCup2019 -division DivA



A docker-compose config is provided to startup a postgres DB. You have to install docker and docker-compose for that.

To start, run:

docker-compose up

The database connection string is: postgres://ssl_match_stats:ssl_match_stats@localhost:5432/ssl_match_stats?sslmode=disable

The database schema will automatically be installed with flyway. Data will be stored in a volume, so it is not lost when stopping docker-compose. To reset the database, run docker-compose down.


To generate the sources from the .proto files, run the script.

Implementation Details

This tool reads log files one by one with the ssl-match-stats command and creates a protobuf file based on ssl_match_stats.proto. This structure contains a MatchStats object per match (log file), which contains:

  • Some meta data like name, duration, etc.
  • A list of all game phases (which map roughly to referee commands)
  • TeamStats for each team

The incentive is that the MatchStats structure contains an improved representation of the referee messages for further processing. The match is split into game phases, where a new game phase is started for each new command (except the goal commands). Each game phase has meta data, entry and exit states and game events attached to it. TeamStats contain aggregated final counters and timers.

With this improved representation, the data can be exported for further analysis. There is currently a CSV exporter which does some additional aggregation and outputs simple CSV files. As this type of output format is quite limited, there is also a database exporter which connects to a postgres DB. Data is added in a way that allows filtering and aggregation on database level.


Tool for generating match statistics out of SSL log files







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