Committee responsibilities

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Technical Committee (TC)

The TC is responsible for the rules of each league. Its responsibilities include:

  • During preparation time
    • Write and improve the rules in the rulebook
    • Design and write new tests (when applicable)
    • Evaluate previous performance and update tests accordingly
  • During competitions
    • Direct Q&A sessions during Team Leader meetings
    • Renounce to their teams and serves as referees
    • Take decisions about partial scores and penalties
    • TC members must not misuse their TC role to benefit their team.

The TC is renewed every year, being its members elected by the participating teams. However, elected members still have to earn their place in the TC during the running year by actively contributing with the next-year's rulebook creation. The Executive Committee reserves to itself the legitimate right of replacing inactive TC members with more enthusiastic and participative people from the league who has been actively contributing during the year. It is advised that candidates contribute with the rulebook or work with the OC for one year before joining the Technical Committee.

The TC does not have a Chair, but its actions are directed and supervised by the Executive Committee. All members of the EC are considered to be part also of the TC.

Organizing Committee (OC)

The OC is responsible for the organization of the competition. Its responsibilities include:

  • During preparation time
    • Review the Qualification Material and select teams for the competition
  • During competitions
    • Publish knowledge lists during setup days
    • Schedule tests, and arena usage
    • Organize volunteers, moderators, objects, etc.
    • Take times during tests
    • Guard the arena access during tests
    • Organize queues during tests
    • Retrieve signed scoresheets and capture scores
    • Compute and publish scores
    • Write (or appoint someone to write) notes of teamleader meetings and make those publicly accessible
    • Distribute Team-Leader-meeting logs.
    • Perform OC tasks stated in the rulebook
    • Any other required logistic activities

The OC activities are directed by the OC Chair, and its members are self-elected by volunteering. Participants can join the Organizing Committee anytime just by committing to the OC Chair, however, only participants with at least two years of experience in RoboCup@Home can take part in the Qualification Procedure

Executive Committee (EC)

The EC consists of members of the board of trustees, and representatives of each activity area. The EC is responsible of the direction of the RoboCup@Home leagues, and has the last word in any decision taken. Is duty of the EC to instruct the new TC members when they join the committee, as well as instruct the OC Chair and supervise the decisions of both committees.

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