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What is RoboCup@Home

RoboCup@Home is one of several leagues within RoboCup. It focuses on real-world applications and human-machine interaction with autonomous robots. The aim is to foster the development of useful robotic applications that can assist humans in everyday life.

RoboCup@Home Infrastructure

Official Homepage

There is an official homepage of the RoboCup@Home league at You can find general information on RoboCup@Home there as well as the latest version of the rulebook for the competition.

Official Wiki

In order to simplify and unify the exchange of relevant information we have set up this AtHome Community Wiki. To contribute, i.e. to add/edit/change things you need (to create) a Github account and be added as a collaborator to this repository. When added, you will be set to "Read" access on the code, but this gives you edit rights to this wiki.

To become a collaborator, please request so at the Collaborator issue

  • If you want to add/edit something in this wiki but you are not sure whether it is ok you can discuss it first on the issues of this repository.


Official Mailing list

The official mailinglist can be reached here. You can also find the archives there.

RoboCup Worldwide Mailinglist

If you participate in this league it is also a good idea to join the robocup-worldwide mailing list. For all mails posted to that list so far, take a look at the archive.

Social Networks

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