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This is a collection of descriptions of commonly used data formats and links to such data (e.g. sensor logs, maps).

Table of Contents


Data Formats



Data Set Repositories

  • The Robotics Data Set Repository (Radish for short) provides a collection of standard robotics data sets. You will find logs of odometry, laser and sonar data taken from real and simulated robots there as well as environment maps generated by robots and by hand (i.e., re-touched floor-plans). Data Sets are made available under the Creative Commons Attribution Licence.
  • The University of Osnabrueck has started a 3D-scan repository providing data sets for Simultaneous Localization and Mapping with all six degrees of freedom and the construction of 3D maps.

Speech Recognition

  • Sphinx-Model has been trained using 140 hours of 1996 and 1997 hub4 training data.
  • HuRIC (Human Robot Interaction Corpus) is an annotated spoken corpus for human-robot interaction, specially focused on domestic and service robots and collected also during RoboCup@Home 2013.
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