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Upcoming RoboCup Events

Upcoming Scientific and Related Events

Past RoboCup Events



RobocupAtHome@OPL Scores 2017


  • The RoboCup 2016 28 June 2016 to 04 July 2016, Leipzig, Germany
RobocupAtHome Scores 2016


RobocupAtHome Scores 2015


RobocupAtHome Scores 2014


  • The RoboCup 2013 June 24-30 2012, Eindhoven, The Netherlands.
RobocupAtHome Scores 2013


RobocupAtHome Scores 2012


RobocupAtHome Scores 2011


RobocupAtHome Scores 2010


  • The RoboCup Mexican Open 2009 were held at Universidad Panamericana in Guadalajara Mexico. Results are available here

  • The RoboCup German Open 2009 were held at the Hannover Fair 2009 from 20th till 24th of April 2009.
    Daily updated scores and rankings are available in the personal blog of Johnny Jackanapes, the b-it-bots @home robot.

  • The RoboCup Japan Open 2009 took place in Osaka, Japan, from the 8th till 10th of May 2009.

  • The RoboCup 2009 were held in Graz, Austria in 2009.

RobocupAtHome Scores 2009


RobocupAtHome Scores 2008


RobocupAtHome Scores 2007

Scientific and Related Events

  • IROS 2010 Workshop '''Semantic Mapping and Autonomous Knowledge Acquisition''' organized by
    Dirk Holz (Universtiy of Bonn, Germany and Team NimbRo)
    Tom Duckett (University of Lincoln, GB) and
    Radu Bogdan Rusu (Willow Garage, USA).
  • ICRA 2010 Mobile Manipulation Challenge,
  • Workshop on Benchmarking and Evaluation of Interactive Cognitive Systems organized by Sven Wachsmuth, Helge Ritter, Manja Lohse, Stefan Kopp, Jochen Steil, Ulrich Rückert (Bielefeld University), Bielefeld, ZiF, February 2011.
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