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Guidelines: Questions

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This document describes the guidelines for asking questions by means of issues in the repository.

Before posting your questions

Before posting your question, please make sure you have:

  1. Searched within existing issues for related questions.
  2. Searched for your question in the F.A.Q.
  3. Read the guideline explained in this document.

Quick guide

In a nutshell, the steps to follow are the following:

  1. Only one question per issue
  2. The title is short and descriptive
    1. Starts with Q:
    2. Encapsulates the question in 3 to 5 words
    3. Has the acronym of the related test (if any)
    4. Avoids obvious words like: question, about, doubt, wrong, example, etc.
  3. The body of the issue is concise but explicative
    1. The first paragraph summarizes the question.
    2. Following paragraphs detail your question and provide examples when necessary.
    3. When referring, the best is to include the reference (link) to branch/file/line-number; or at least to the section. Do not refer to date/build/page.
    4. It addresses only one question (derived questions are allowed).
    5. Please check your spelling.
    6. Please use standard English grammar.
  4. The issue is labeled properly
    1. Always add the Question label
    2. Add the label of the related test(s), or General Rules for questions affecting all the rulebook.
  5. Close the issue once your question has been solved.
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