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RoboDK API for C#

Read the RoboDK API description for general information about the RoboDK API.


  • Visual Studio (it works with the Visual Studio community version and .NET framework >= 2.0)
  • RoboDK

How to install

The RoboDK API for C# can be installed and used in one of the following ways:

  • Simply include RoboDK.cs file to your project from the Example folder
  • Install the NuGet package from the API folder The NuGet package follows the C# naming conventions and interfaces (including its own documentation) whereas the single file RoboDK.cs API follows the Python API naming.


Depending on what version of the API you use:

The single file RoboDK.cs API is available as a template on Visual Studio Marketplace

Video Overview

Robot programming using the RoboDK API for C#

C# Example

// RDK holds the main object to interact with RoboDK.
// RoboDK starts when a RoboDK object is created.
RoboDK RDK = new RoboDK();

// Select the robot among all available robots (there is no popup if there is only 1 robot)
RoboDK.Item ROBOT = RDK.ItemUserPick("Select a robot", RoboDK.ITEM_TYPE_ROBOT);

// retrieve the reference frame and the tool frame (TCP) as poses
Mat frame = ROBOT.PoseFrame();
Mat tool = ROBOT.PoseTool();

/// Optional: set the run mode 
/// (define if you want to simulate, generate the program or run the program on the robot)
// RDK.ProgramStart("MatlabTest");

// Program start
ROBOT.setPoseFrame(frame);  // set the reference frame
ROBOT.setPoseTool(tool);    // set the tool frame: important for Online Programming
ROBOT.setSpeed(100);        // Set Speed to 100 mm/s
ROBOT.setZoneData(5);       // set the rounding instruction 
                            // (C_DIS & APO_DIS / CNT / ZoneData / Blend Radius / ...)
for (int i = 0; i <= n_sides; i++)
    double angle = ((double) i / n_sides) * 2.0 * Math.PI;
    Mat pose_i = pose_ref * Mat.rotz(angle) * Mat.transl(100, 0, 0) * Mat.rotz(-angle);
    ROBOT.RunInstruction("Moving to point " + i.ToString(), RoboDK.INSTRUCTION_COMMENT);
    double[] xyzwpr = pose_i.ToXYZRPW();
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