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RoboSoc - Eurobot-2019

This repo will be used to track issues, host code for the robots, and host any shared design documents that aren't on other services.

Useful links

  • Slack
    • Where we discuss stuff (and memes).
  • Eurobot webpage
    • The official page for this year's competition.
  • Eurobot spec
    • The official, full specification for this year's competition.
  • Summarised spec
    • Our own summary of the specification.


You'll need the Arduino IDE installed already. You can get this here.

Because we're using two robots, this project doesn't use the typical process of uploading sketches for Arduino.

In bin/, there are utility files which wrap around the Arduino-IDE's command line interface and allow the code for both robots to be compiled/uploaded.

Note: bin/* are set-up to build for Arduino UNO.

  • Use verify for validating the code (seeing if it compiles)
  • Use upload to upload the code to the board
  • Use ports to list ports
    • Note that on Windows this outputs more information than is needed. Look for COMxx, that's the port you should use.

verify and upload both take a MODE argument. This should be either primary or secondary and will create a src/arduino/robot.ino file prior to compilation[/upload].

For Windows

  • bin/verify (primary|secondary)
  • bin/upload PORT (primary|secondary)
  • bin/ports

For Linux

Not yet available. See bin/.