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Code for the main arduino(teensy) in the aquabot

This teensy controls the bill acceptor, LCD, keypad, and LED strips. There will be a disable signal wire running down to the driving board. Driving of the Aquabot will be disabled when this signal is high, but this is not yet implemented in the drive board.


Pin Function Type Notes
0 Red LED 1 I/O, PWM, INT0
1 Blue LED 1 I/O, PWM, INT1
2 N/C I/O, RX , INT2
3 Display I/O, TX , INT3
4 AUX Header I/O
5 Keypad I/O
6 Status LED I/O
7 Keypad I/O
8 Keypad I/O
9 Keypad I/O
10 Keypad I/O
12 Keypad I/O
11 Keypad I/O
13 Keypad I/O
14 Green LED 2 I/O, PWM
15 Red LED 2 I/O, PWM
16 Blue LED 2 I/O, PWM
17 Keypad I/O
18 Cooler SW I/O, INT6
19 N/C I/O, INT7
20 N/C I/O
21 N/C I/O
22 Photo Int I/O
23 IR Detector I/O
24 Bill Motor I/O, PWM
25 Speaker I/O, PWM
26 Servo I/O, PWM
27 Green LED 1 I/O, PWM PWM on this pin does not work due to interference with the servo library
28 RX Rudder I/O
29 RX Aux 1 I/O
30 RX Aux 2 I/O
31 Drvng Enbl I/O Not implemented on drive board
32 RX Elev I/O
33 RX Alie I/O
34 RX Thro I/O
35 Drvng Dsbl I/O Not implemented on drive board
36 N/C I/O, INT4
37 N/C I/O, INT5
38 Cooler Temp I/O, A0
39 N/C I/O, A1
40 N/C I/O, A2
41 N/C I/O, A3
42 N/C I/O, A4
43 N/C I/O, A5
44 N/C I/O, A6
45 N/C I/O, A7

Bill Acceptor

The sequence for accepting bills is like this: First, the IR sensor must detect the bill. Then, the bill motor must be accepted to pull the bill in. At this point, the 'head sensor' magnetic sensor will start reading the magnetic threads in the bill. This is currently not used, but if anyone whants to implement it, they can. Now, the photo interupter will detect the lever at the end of the run of the bill exit being pressed. This lever will be released once the bill exits. This will now have to shut off the bill motor. This can also be used time the run of the bill through the bill acceptor to do some basic error checking.

#Libraries Used


Code for the main arduino(teensy) in the aquabot






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