REST API for Waystation #spaceapps TO Hackathon project
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REST API for Waystation #spaceapps TO Hackathon project


To add a Sighting: /sightings (POST) Parameters:

  • lat
  • lng
  • timestamp
  • name
  • country
  • stateprov
  • city
  • photo (optional, URL of associated photo)

Returns HTTP Code 201, Location: header contains URL for new sighting.

To view a particular sighting: /sightings/<id> (GET)

To view 50 recent sightings: /sightings (GET)

To view 50 recent sightings in your area: /sightings/<country>/<stateprov>/<city> (GET)

To get a KML of all sighting points thus far: /sightings/kml (GET)

Get a json set of the next few rise/set timestamps of the ISS for your location /iss/<timestamp>/<latitude>/<longitude> (GET) Returns an JSON array of "tuples", containing pairs of the following format: [<rise_timestamp>, <set_timestamp>]


  1. Check out code
  2. (Optional) create a python virtualenv w/ virtualenv .env
  3. (Optional) active virtualenv w/ source ./env/bin/activate
  4. Install dependencies with pip install -r requirements.txt
  5. Run webserver with python ./

Default listener is on This software is Heroku-friendly.