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RoboBrrd Dashboard v2.0

RoboBrrd Dashboard

The RoboBrrd Dashboard app is a great way to control your RoboBrrd.

It gives you handy access to the most common tasks such as:

  • Adjusting the beak, right wing, left wing servo positions
  • Writing the default positions to eeprom memory
  • Triggering different actions
  • Using sliders to mix the eye led colours
  • Observing the ldr values live
  • Easy access to an estop button

Plus, three fun themes to choose from!

The app automatically saves your data when you change it. So when you start the app again, the values will be the same as when you left off.

The current version is 2.0, improved to work with the latest RoboBrrd library. You can see the app in action here.

Licensed under the MIT license. See license.txt for more info.

For more information and to download the pre-compiled versions, check out: