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Drake External Examples

Examples of how to use Drake in your own project:

Continuous Integration

Scripts are provided for various CI instances in scripts/continuous_integration. The intended purpose of each is described below:

  • github_actions: exemplifies how to put a project depending on a Drake installation on GitHub Actions
  • jenkins : provides complete coverage of additional example projects
Subproject GitHub Actions Jenkins
drake_ament_cmake_installed o -
drake_bazel_external - o
drake_bazel_installed o o
drake_catkin_installed o o
drake_cmake_external - o
drake_cmake_installed o o
drake_cmake_installed_apt o -
GitHub Actions Jenkins

Note, the GitHub Actions jobs only build and test drake_ament_cmake_installed, drake_bazel_installed, drake_catkin_installed, drake_cmake_installed, and drake_cmake_installed_apt since these are the exemplary cases for lightweight, open-source builds on public CI servers. Not all example projects are supported on macOS or Ubuntu 20.04 (Focal Fossa).