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A simulation demo of a pick-and-place of a box executed by the KUKA IIWA Arm with a Schunk WSG gripper attached to its end.

The following instructions assume Drake was built using bazel.

It is strongly recommended that you build drake along with SNOPT in order to execute this demo. The default demo executable utilizes IPOPT instead and successful execution is not guaranteed.

To run the demo, first you need to launch the drake visualizer and then execute the demo itself in the following manner.

Build the drake_visualizer and the demo

$ cd drake
$ bazel build //tools:drake_visualizer //examples/kuka_iiwa_arm/dev/monolithic_pick_and_place:monolithic_pick_and_place_demo

Launching the drake_visualizer

Once built, the drake_visualizer can be launched by,

$ bazel-bin/tools/drake_visualizer&

Note that this method of launching the visualizer may not function correctly on Mac OSX and a fix is expected shortly.

Launching the demo

The demo can be built and launched by using bazel run with the appropriate full path/target specifier. For instance, from the drake/examples/kuka_iiwa_arm/dev/monolithic_pick_and_place directory, you can execute the demo using :

bazel run :monolithic_pick_and_place_demo --config snopt -- --target=1

Alternately, if the monolithic_pick_and_place_demo has been built using bazel build, the demo itself can then be launched by :

$ ./bazel-bin/examples/kuka_iiwa_arm/dev/monolithic_pick_and_place/
monolithic_pick_and_place_demo --target=1

Command line arguments can be passed for : target an integer between 1 and 3 (corresponding to small, medium and large boxes as manipulation targets),and for orientation - a decimal value for the yaw orientation on the table in radians.