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Drake Tutorials

Running the Tutorials

To run the tutorial, you should ensure that you have Drake avaiable, either via Bazel or via binary packages.

To run the notebooks using Bazel, please refer to the Bazel-Jupyter README. For example:

bazel run //tutorials:mathematical_program

Viewing the Notebooks Online

The notebooks in this folder can be viewed using nbviewer. To see them on Drake master on GitHub, please visit:

Presently, these notebooks are not yet set up to be runnable using online services. For more information, please see this issue.

For Developers

When you add a notebook, please make the first cell be a Markdown cell with the tutorial's title and the following preamble:

For instructions on how to run these tutorial notebooks, please see the
[README](./ in this folder.

If appropriate, add an nbviewer link to the notebook on master in the documentation.

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