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RXB1 Software


The RXB1 is a 6 axis remix of the famous Thor robot. This robot can be driven by a number of different method. Using the SlushEngine this robot can be driven with a purley Python implementation. This makes it simple to understand how the robot is working and makes it easy for engineers and students to make changes to. *It should be noted that at the moment this software is still under a lot of development. It is working but the software will undergo a lot of changes.


To install this software all you need to do is clone the directory somewhere. This software does require the Slush library and Inputs

$ sudo pip3 install Inputs


To use this code to drive your robot just go into the working directory and run Make sure you have a joystick connected or you can do nothing

$ cd rbx1-software
$ python3

Now you are up and running. If you move the connected joystick you will see movment in the robot. For more info on using the software check out the wiki.

How does it work?

Good question. Its actually pretty straight forward really. The Python program reads the commands comming from the joystick and translates them into motions in the robot. If you want to save a point then saves your point to the points file located in examples. If you want to run a program the robot will execute the instructions that it finds in the run.rbt file.


Software to drive a 3D printed robot with a SlushEngine or other motor controller driver



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