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Manage the Xcodes installed on your Mac



Homebrew (Preferred)

brew install robotsandpencils/made/xcodes

These are Developer ID-signed release builds and don't require Xcode to already be installed in order to use.

Other methods:

Download a release

Download the latest release from the Releases page. These are Developer ID-signed release builds and don't require Xcode to already be installed in order to use.

Using Mint
mint install RobotsAndPencils/xcodes
Build from source

Building from source requires Xcode 10.2 or later, so it's not an option for setting up a computer from scratch.

git clone
cd xcodes
make install
# or, if /usr/local/ isn't in your PATH
PREFIX=/your/install/directory make install

While installing, you may get the following output:

swift build
error: terminated(72): xcrun --sdk macosx --find xctest output:

If that occurs, it means you need to select a version of Xcode. You can do this with xcode-select or by choosing a Command Line Tools option in Xcode's preferences Locations tab.


E.g. xcodes install 10.1

You'll then be prompted to enter your Apple ID username and password. You can also provide these with the XCODES_USERNAME and XCODES_PASSWORD environment variables.

After successfully authenticating, xcodes will save your Apple ID password into the keychain and will remember your Apple ID for future use. If you need to use a different Apple ID than the one that's remembered, set the XCODES_USERNAME environment variable.


  • list: Lists the versions of Xcode available to download
  • install <version>: Downloads and installs a version of Xcode
  • installed: Lists the versions of Xcodes that are installed in /Applications on your computer
  • update: Updates the list of available versions of Xcode
  • version: Prints the xcodes version


Notable design decisions are recorded in The Apple authentication flow is described in Apple.paw, which will allow you to play with the API endpoints that are involved using the Paw app.

xcode-install and fastlane/spaceship both deserve credit for figuring out the hard parts of what makes this possible.


Made with ❤️ by Robots & Pencils

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