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Welcome to the Autonomous Driving Wiki page!

This repository contains the code of Roboy's Autonomous Driving Team from winter term 2018/2019. The semester goal was to enable Roboy to autonomously drives a Rickshaw bike. For more information about the Roboy project visit

Project Overview

If you want to find out about the work that was done in this project without the need for a deep dive into the code, please feel free to read the Project Overview article.



Above, our resulting architecture is shown. We will give more details in the according WIKI pages. For now, just work your way down the sidebar on the right.

Repository Structure

Roboy/autonomous_driving is our main repository. It contains a dockers directory containing our ... brace yourself ... docker files. It furthermore has a submodule Roboy/autonomous_driving_src containing everything we need to catkin build. The src directory contains further code that is either build within docker containers (so we keep Roboy/autonomous_driving_src clean) or code we used at some point throughout the semester but might have dropped later on.

What we accomplished

See our examples page for Demo Day GIF. Klick the Roboy-Logo below to watch our final video.


Roboy Logo

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