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you can download the sd-card image with Ubuntu 16.04, xfce, kernel linux 4.9.78-ltsi from our servers:

wget -nv
wget -nv

flash the image to a min 8GB sd-card:

sudo dd if=DE10_nano_lxce_4.9.78-ltsi-altera.img of=/dev/sdX bs=1M status=progress


(quartus 17.1)[]

build it

  • Open quartus and load the .qpf project.
  • Open Qsys and load soc_system.qsys.
  • Generate the qsys system
  • When this is finished double-click Assembler (generate programming files) in quartus

run it

  • in a terminal execute the folowing commands:
sudo ~/intelFPGA/17.1/quartus/bin/jtagd  # this is the jtag server and should only be started once!!
sudo ~/intelFPGA/17.1/quartus/bin/jtagconfig 
1) DE-SoC [3-2.1.1]
  4BA00477   SOCVHPS
  02D020DD   5CSEBA6(.|ES)/5CSEMA6/..
  • open the programmer in quartus
  • select your usb ( in the example output above that would be [3-2.1.1] )
  • change the programming file to soc_system.sof ( this will flash the fpga temporarily )
  • sof_programmer
  • if you want to program it permanently use the conversion file to_jic.cof