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Roboy wants to be more entertaining and fun on fairs and other events with audience. Additionally, he is easy to control for us as developers.


This repository consists of four sections to make Roboy more entertaining on fairs.

  1. Facial Expressions to show more emotions
  2. Generative Model for Chitchat
  3. Vision Module
  4. Additions to Dialog for playing games

Roboy Showmaster team wants to combine these sections to have an immersive and entertaining conversation.

How it works

1. Facial Expressions

Roboy's facial expressions are animated in Unity. The corresponding repository is in

In addition to the old faces and expressions in Unity, the following faces & emotions were added in SS18 by animating them in Unity and can be triggered via dialogue and manually via the keyboard (useful for fairs):

  • tongue out (keyboard : D), happy (Q), lucky (Y), pissed (N), angry (A), irritated (X), hypno eyes (V), colored hypno eyes (U), rolling eyes (I), surprised (Z), pirate (P), cryingRoboy (C), glasses (G), moustache (M), pink sunglasses (F)

Futher instructions and documentation can be found in the README

2. Generative Models for Chitchat as a Fallback-Answer

The new model is originating from Facebooks Dialog Research Platform ParlAI. There, several state of the art implementations as well as several datasets are integrated in one platform. For Roboy, the profilememory implementation was choosen based on the Personachat dataset.

3. Snapchat Module

This module is able to apply filter masks on the interlocutor's face. Following filters are implemented: Roboy mask, mustache, pixelated sunglasses, flies, hat, crown and rainbow. The algorithm uses OpenCV and dlib library finding 68 facial landmarks to detect the most important face charateristics and to estimate the tilt angle of the face. The required filter mask is then applied automatically in-face superposition in real time. The ROS Service Server receives service calls from the dialog as Strings that hold the desired filter. The snapchat module then uses the video information from Roboy's camera to appliy the requested filter onto the detected faces.

4. Dialog Games

Three new states for the Roboy Dialog System are implemented:

  • The 20 questions game using an Akinator Wrapper API that is run in children protection mode

  • The snapchat game where the user can request a specific face mask to be applied by the snapchat module based on ROS service calls communication with the aforementioned module

  • A Choose Game State where Roboy suggests one of the above mentioned games by random choice or the interlocutor can selcet a preferred game

Getting Started

Prequisites and Setup

Running ROS-Master

  • Start rosmaster in terminal with



  • Installation of Unity

To start, clone the repository to your computer.

More detailed information is given in the README in



  • ParlAI setup as described here
  • Profilememory model. From scratch, the easiest way to achieve this is to run
python projects/convai2/baselines/profilememory/ 

Interaction through ROS

  • in terminal, run
roslaunch rosbridge_server rosbridge_websocket.launch
  • in a new terminal
  • activate the python 3.6. environment you set up when preparing to work with ParlAI as described here
  • in ss18_showmaster/ParlAI/projects/roboy/ros_integration run
  • to talk to the model use ROS service call
rosservice call /roboy/cognition/generative_nlp/answer "text_input: 'hello'"


  • In a new terminal start the snapchat server with
rosrun roboy_snapchat_filter


In make sure the following parameters are set correctly:

  • enable ROS
  • Connect to the proper IP-Adress:
  • enable ROS-Packages:
- roboy_filters

!make sure ros servers are running before attempting to start dialog!

  • Start the dialog according to the instructions mentioned here