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#!/usr/bin/env python
"""Example usage of terminaltables with colorclass.
Just prints sample text and exits.
from __future__ import print_function
from colorclass import Color, Windows
from terminaltables import SingleTable
def table_server_timings():
"""Return table string to be printed."""
table_data = [
[Color('{autogreen}<10ms{/autogreen}'), ','],
[Color('{autoyellow}10ms <= 100ms{/autoyellow}'), ','],
[Color('{autored}>100ms{/autored}'), ''],
table_instance = SingleTable(table_data)
table_instance.inner_heading_row_border = False
return table_instance.table
def table_server_status():
"""Return table string to be printed."""
table_data = [
[Color('Low Space'), Color('{autocyan}Nominal Space{/autocyan}'), Color('Excessive Space')],
[Color('Low Load'), Color('Nominal Load'), Color('{autored}High Load{/autored}')],
[Color('{autocyan}Low Free RAM{/autocyan}'), Color('Nominal Free RAM'), Color('High Free RAM')],
table_instance = SingleTable(table_data, '')
table_instance.inner_heading_row_border = False
table_instance.inner_row_border = True
table_instance.justify_columns = {0: 'center', 1: 'center', 2: 'center'}
return table_instance.table
def table_abcd():
"""Return table string to be printed. Two tables on one line."""
table_instance = SingleTable([['A', 'B'], ['C', 'D']])
# Get first table lines.
table_instance.outer_border = False
table_inner_borders = table_instance.table.splitlines()
# Get second table lines.
table_instance.outer_border = True
table_instance.inner_heading_row_border = False
table_instance.inner_column_border = False
table_outer_borders = table_instance.table.splitlines()
# Combine.
smallest, largest = sorted([table_inner_borders, table_outer_borders], key=len)
smallest += [''] * (len(largest) - len(smallest)) # Make both same size.
combined = list()
for i, row in enumerate(largest):
combined.append(row.ljust(10) + ' ' + smallest[i])
return '\n'.join(combined)
def main():
"""Main function."""
Windows.enable(auto_colors=True, reset_atexit=True) # Does nothing if not on Windows.
# Server timings.
# Server status.
# Two A B C D tables.
# Instructions.
table_instance = SingleTable([['Obey Obey Obey Obey']], 'Instructions')
if __name__ == '__main__':
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