Using ruby and PureData to generate audio from text. Including literal twitter.
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Text to Music

by Andrew Faraday


A derivation of my very first ruby project, reading a string and converting it to control signals for puredata. The pure data patch recieves these via a TCP port and sends them to some short audio chains and the result is heard in sound. This has also been plugged-in to the twitter streaming API, to sonify tweets as they come in. A sort of literal twitter. Watch out for rhyming and/or recurring words, you can actually hear that 'how now brown cow' rhymes. You can also get some drums sounds out of ascii characters: '_=_=___=_!_=__+='.


  • git
  • ruby
  • rubygems
  • openssl-lib
  • Pure Data Extended (from
  • Gems: (bundle install)
    • tweetstream
    • highline

Manual Mode

  • Open ruby_interact.pd in puredata
  • Open manual_input.rb in ruby (e.g. ruby manual_input.rb)
  • Input a speed from 1 to 10
  • Type some text and listen to the result.
  • Repeat as required
  • press ctrl+c to end the script

Twitter stream sonification

  • Open ruby_interact.pd in puredata
  • ruby twitter.rb
  • Input a twitter username and password when requested
  • Watch the tweets contining 'fail' rolling in and being sonified
  • To stop script press ctrl+c (you may have to hold it from there)
  • Optionally:
    • Modify the first few lines of twitter.rb to remove the need to type a username or to change the default search
    • use arguments to change the searched for terms (e.g. ruby twitter.rb win or ruby twitter.rb lemmy bieber)

Future intent

  • Connect to Pidgin or IRC, musical chat client.


  • Andrew Faraday
  • Robin Gower