@Robz8 Robz8 released this Jan 28, 2017 · 930 commits to master since this release

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What's new?

  • Search function! (by @Jolty95)
  • In order to get some games to save, set a donor rom that has saves working, for games that don't have saves working. A donor can also be unset, if some games aren't working.
  • TWLNAND side is now updated by the GUI (only for what NAND you're running the GUI on). (by @Jolty95)


  • Startup screen (by PabloMK7) has been updated, and black screen length after startup screen should be short.
  • Add Games menu now has the new TWLoader logo.
  • Unsupported flashcards, like the CycloDS, now work. Put in a working Slot-1 card, take it out, then insert the flashcard. It will be read as "Unknown Cartridge".


  • Various.

MPU settings added for

  • Rockman ZX/MegaMan ZX
  • Rockman ZX Advent/MegaMan ZX Advent
  • Rockman Zero Collection/MegaMan Zero Collection

Update the files changed in flashcardroot:

  • _nds/twloader.nds

Advanced users, right after pressing A to launch a game, you can manually set an MPU region/size. This will not work if MPU settings for the above games are already added.

  • No buttons: MPU region/size are set to 0.
  • B: Region 1.
  • X: Region 2.
  • Y: Region 3.
  • Left: Size is 1.
  • Right: Size is 3145728 (3MB).