v4.0.0: Valentine's Day Release!

@Robz8 Robz8 released this Feb 15, 2017 · 105 commits to master since this release

What's new?

  • Relieve the nostalgic flashcard days with the R4 and Wood themes! Themes included in the R4 and Wood themes are called sub-themes. NOTE: Per-game settings can't be changed in either of those themes yet.
  • - All 12 R4 themes are included.
  • - Included Wood sub-themes are GBATemp (the wood-looking one), Acekard black, akaio, and DSTWO.
  • LED color is shown below "Set LED color" in per-game settings. (by @GerbilSoft)
  • If per-game LED color is set to 0, 0, 0, Rainbow LED will be used if turned on in Settings.
  • If TWLNAND side isn't installed, a message will appear, telling you to install it. (by @GerbilSoft)


  • Boot screen and clock speed can now be changed seperately.

Bug fixes

  • The bug where TWLoader freezes on the logo should be fixed once again. (by @Jolty95)
  • Starting GBARunner2 works again.

R4 theme menu controls

  • Left/Right: Move cursor.
  • A: Enter selected icon.
  • SELECT: Open Settings.

R4 theme ROM select controls

  • Up: Move up.
  • Down: Move down.
  • Left: Move up +10.
  • Right: Move down +10.
  • A: Start game.
  • B: Back to menu.

Wood theme controls

  • Up/Down: Move cursor.
  • A: Enter selection.

Known bugs

  • Switching to the next page in Wood theme does not show box art correctly, until switching to previous page, then to next page.
  • Some R4/Wood images have a horizontal pixel shown on the top of the image. This is an sf2dlib bug.

Please update the file in flashcardroot:

  • GBARunner2.nds

MPU settings added for the following games, in order for them to work:

  • DS Download Station (Vol 1-19)