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Released 3/19/2017

Sorry for the long wait, but here it is!

What's new?

  • In Wood theme, SD icon is transparent if no ROMS on the SD card are found, and flashcard icon is transparent if no inis on the SD card are found.
  • Flashcard users, you can now go into "Add Games" in the R4 and Wood themes!


  • GUI is now compiled with devkitARM r46!
  • To avoid crashing by sftdlib's draw function, sftdlib has been replaced with citro3D for drawing text in the system font! As a result, the CIA/3DSX is smaller.
  • Frame rate of DS boot screen is now smoother. (Nintendo logo is removed as a result. Will add it back in the future.)

Bug fixes

  • R4 and Wood themes: If no ROMs and INIs are found, you are unable to go into the game select menu.
  • Exiting the settings screen with DSi Menu and Wood themes no longer crashes TWLoader.
  • Official bootstrap now works again!
  • Slot-1 loading works again.

Known bugs

  • Left number is not shown in "Downloading box art" message.
  • Some text are off-center.
  • Outside of the English language, some of the text may be shown out of bounds.
  • DSTT/R4i Gold/R4i-SDHC/R4 SDHC Dual-Core/R4 SDHC Upgrade/SC DSONE loading no longer works.