@Robz8 Robz8 released this May 3, 2017 · 566 commits to master since this release

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What's new?

  • Wood/akMenu theme: Pressing Y when "Games (Flashcard)" is highlighed will take you to the "Add Games" menu. Useful if no games from flashcard are added.
  • If a new update for TWLoader is found, it'll now ask if you want to update.


  • The Nintendo logo has been restored to the DS Boot Screen.
  • Some translations are fixed.


  • Support for DSTT/R4i Gold/R4i-SDHC/R4 SDHC Dual-Core/R4 SDHC Upgrade/SC DSONE is fixed.
  • The crashing when exiting the Settings screen is gone (as confirmed by beta-tester @maorninja).

Known bugs

  • Support for Acekard 2(i) is still broken.