@Robz8 Robz8 released this Jun 7, 2017 · 485 commits to master since this release

Assets 3

What's new?

  • Soft-reset is implemented to DSTT, R4i Gold, R4i-SDHC, and SC DSONE! Bootstrap will have soft-reset as well, soon. (Soft-reset code by @shutterbug2000)
    A forwarder pack unique to TWLoader includes it.
    Press L+R+A+B+X+Y to activate!
    Zelda Four Swords (USA) is being used as placeholder for the TWLoader GUI.
  • New update system by @Jolty95! Flashcard loaders are now updated as well.
  • You can delete a selected game by pressing X. (Save won't be deleted.) (by @Jolty95)
    Pressing L+X at same time, will add the game to queue. Later, pressing X will "clear" that queue, deleting the marked files.
  • Empty boxes are added as placeholders for remaining ROMs on one page.
  • Current page is now saved.


  • TWLNAND space is saved by moving the part with boot screen to the SD card.
  • Flashcard list now only uses white color to avoid confusion with gray color users.

Bug fixes

  • Support for R4iDSN/R4i Gold RTS has been fixed!

Known bugs

  • There is a "small" problem with queue. Sometimes, pressing L+X doesn't add to queue. Seems like L button detection code is "faster" than the L+X code, so instead, it change page or delete the game instead of adding.
  • Updating TWLoader causes a crash.
  • I forgot to update NTR Launcher to the Alt version, so support for Acekard 2(i) is still broken.