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decentralized chat system for cjdns, with IRC front-end
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A decentralized chat network for cjdns, with an IRC front-end.

Note: this is experimental software. Use at your own risk!


  • Build and run: make all && ./meshchat
  • Connect to localhost:6999 in your IRC client.
  • Join some channels.
  • Wait for peers to be found.

What meshchat does

  • It discovers peers by pinging all the nodes in your local cjdns routing table.
  • It makes connections between other peers running meshchat.
  • It serves an ircd that you can connect to with your regular IRC client.

What works

  • You can use it and chat with people on the network.

How it works

  • meshchat finds potential peers by querying cjdns's routing table using your local cjdns admin port. It periodically sends a greeting to all such potential peers, containing your nick and list of channels.
  • Each message you send from the IRC client is encapsulated into a UDP packet and sent over your cjdns interface to all the peers that your meshchat instance thinks are online and in the appropriate channel.
  • When it receives a message from a peer, it relays it to your IRC client.

What doesn't work

  • Currently, the peer connections are over UDP. There is no re-sending or ACKs done, so messages may be dropped, especially if you sent many at once.
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