Frequent used data structures and algorithms written in Go.
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#coconut Build Status

Coconut is a foundation library fully written in Go which includes frequent used data structures and algorithms.

##Aims of this project

  • Avoid to reinvent frequent used data structures and algorithms every time in different projects
  • Avoid to import from different places for different data structure and algorithms
  • Trying to be a good candidate as the foundation library

##Status of coconut

Before I release coconut v0.1, donot use this library in your project, 'cause:

  • I haven't add enough data structure and algorithms in
  • Probably I will modify the API frequently
  • Probably I will regroup the packages like merging different individual small packages into a more meaningful one
  • Should have many bugs and places can be optimized

##Planned data strucutre and algorithms

_* means already done, but probably I will still refactor it. _

  • Cache

    • LRU (*)
    • LFU (*)
  • Scheduling

    • RoundRobin (*)
  • Bloom Filter

    • Standard Bloom Filter
    • Counting Bloom Filter
    • Scalable Bloom Filter
  • Tree

    • B(+/*) Tree
    • AVL
    • Red Black Tree
    • Trie
    • R-trees
  • Binary Search

    • Binary Search
  • Hash

    • murmur3
  • Set

    • Set
  • Bitmap

    • Bitmap (*)
  • SkipList

    • Skip List
  • FSM

    • FSM
  • Utils

    • Gcd (*)
  • To be added


Currently I haven't finished any docs even valuable comments inside the codes, I will find time to finish this.