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##The Challenge? The UAE has the largest carbon footprint per person in the world. 30% of people in the Arab world are overweight or obese.

##What? Eco eco is a mobile game that promotes healthier and greener lifestyles for children (7+yrs). Children develop eco-friendly habits in the real world, like choosing to walk instead of taking a car. They are rewarded through coconuts and build their own ecosystem.

##How? daily challenges: use a reusable water bottle instead of plastic water bottle, buy a plant standard challenges: walk, recycle, turn off air conditioning compete with friends to have the best island

##Members Rock: +971501064621 Julia: 1(650) 825-5043 Yaser: Batu:


##Project Mentor: Hussam Mohsineh (Advisor, Power of Art Startup Consultancy, UAE) - - +971553414044

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