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Nashmia Khan

Records and Information Manager

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Nashmia is 30 years old, has a Master’s in Library Science from the University of Michigan. Nashmia’s currently single and lives in a house that she owns in New Jersey. She has five years of Records Management experience working at a corporate archive before moving to a large nonprofit. She has official ARMA certification.

Goals and Motivations

Nashmia has to wear many hats at her organization, and as such, would like to make her work as automated and painless as possible. She has traditional Library Science training and wants to make as many records widely available as possible, while still respecting the rights of the records creators. Nashmia feels a strong personal responsibility towards the documents in her care and wants to protect her organization’s history. She’s handling the organization’s transition to a paperless office and wants to look at workflows to ensure that everything can move forward efficiently now that she deals with much more material. Nashmia also serves as the main point of contact between her organization and the archive, and she manages the logistics of transferring material in all formats.


Nashmia needs clear, easy, and automated workflows to transfer materials to the archives staff. She’s extremely busy at work and needs the transfer and ingest process to be as hands-off as possible. She wants to be notified of material receipt and delivery. She needs to uphold all legal responsibilities, which include HIPAA compliance, scanning for PII, and any intellectual property rights. She needs to have access to materials already transferred to the archive. She also needs to be sure that the archive is ensuring the authenticity of the materials, preserving them for long-term storage, and making sure they don’t degrade over time. She needs the archive to be able to receive, describe, and provide access to various types of material: paper, electronic, email, audiovisual, websites, etc. Future transfers also need to be as secure as possible.

Pain Points

Nashmia has had difficulty in transferring digital materials to the archive. She wants to automate transfers, but others in her organization feel that manual transfers are safer. She finds that her fellow coworkers don’t fully understand the amount of work it takes to manage all of the records for an organization of their size, so she sometimes feels undervalued. Proprietary grants and information management systems often necessitate duplication of work. Sometimes it’s extremely difficult to export desired metadata out of her grants management system. Unclear workflows cause confusion and unnecessary back and forth with other teams.

Current Devices, Apps & IT Use

She is very tech-savvy and has extensive experience working with computers, but mostly uses Microsoft applications on her PC and smartphone. She has worked with SharePoint and is aware of various grants management systems and their functionality. She has done data remediation work, some digital forensics, and data visualizations. She has never developed her own applications, but she has some minor scripting experience. She believes that computers should do what computers do best - repetitive and boring work - to lighten her own load, but she doesn’t necessarily have the time to learn the skills to make that happen. Nashmia’s organization has its own in-house IT staff, who take pride in keeping pace with emerging technology trends in foundations.

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