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Project Electron Milestones

Revised January 2019

Archival Storage Implementation

January 2017 - June 2017

Develop repository requirements - March 2017 complete

Based on user stories and personas, develop requirements for repository

Determine Minimum Viable Product and subsequent development for repository - April 2017 complete

Determine a baseline for repository product and identify further development priorities.

Identify 2-3 possible solutions - May 2017 complete

Identify a small number of potential storage solutions based on requirements.

Install and test storage solutions - May 2017 complete

Look for and set up test installs of potential repository solutions and develop a report with pros and cons.

Select storage solution - June 2017 complete

Using the potential solutions report, requirements and personas, select a repository solution.

Storage installation - June 2017 complete

Install selected repository solution in deployment environment.

Repository customization - October 2018 complete

Customize repository based on functional requirements so it meets minimum viable product baseline.

Transfer from Donors to RAC

January 2017 - September 2017

Evaluate Donor/Depositor Capacity - April 2017 complete

Develop strawperson transfer architecture and requirements. Determine MVP and subsequent development (will likely depend on technical capacity/organization size).

Donor/Depositor Requirements - May 2017 complete

Develop complete requirements for donor and depositor organizations so that they can implement the necessary tools and services to transfer records to RAC temporary storage. This should include example transfers based on data from a number of organizations which illustrate various options.

Temporary Storage Requirements - May 2017 complete

Develop requirements for temporary “staging” storage.

Post-Transfer Service Requirements - May 2017 complete

Develop firm requirements for post transfer services including but not limited to virus checking, validation and fixity testing.

Test Transfer Process - September/October 2017 complete

Test transfers with select donor/depositor organizations


September 2017 - December 2018

User Scenarios - September 2017 complete

Create user scenarios based on Project Electron personas and local expertise.

Functional Requirements - September 2017 complete

Develop functional requirements and create structured tests to ensure development matches requirements for the following project components:

  • Extend the existing transfer application to support archival appraisal and accessioning functions.
  • Systems integrations with Archivematica, ArchivesSpace and Fedora.

Hackathon - October 11, 2017 complete

Collaborative hackathon to kick off development of appraisal and accessioning functionality.

Integrations - November 2017-December 2018 complete

Build out integrations with existing systems and tools, including Archivematica, ArchivesSpace and Fedora, and develop processes such as:

  • Bundling transfers and other information into a Submission Information Package suitable for ingest into Archivematica.
  • Compiling files (bitstreams) and metadata from Archivematica and ArchivesSpace, structuring them according to RAC data models and storing them in Fedora.
  • Assigning default rights statements for a given organization to a transfer as well as providing a short list of common rights statements that can be added to transfers.

Hackathon - January/February 2018 complete

Collaborative hackathon to kick off development of integrations and bundling processes.

Preservation Services

June 2018 - December 2018

User Scenarios - June 2018 complete

Create user scenarios based on Project Electron personas and local expertise.

Functional Requirements - June 2018 complete

Develop functional requirements and create structured tests to ensure development matches requirements for the following project components:

  • Native Fedora services (for example, fixity checks) as well as services external to Fedora (for example file format reports).

Fedora is already installed on Marist’s infrastructure, and version updates have been automated to the extent possible.

Integrations - December 2018 complete

Specify and build out integrations with Fedora and other preservation services.

Data modeling

April 2017 - September 2018

Model archival description to support functional requirements and use cases, using Portland Common Data Model and other community-driven projects as a basis.

Develop Data Modeling Bibliography - April 2017 complete

Research practices and examples of data models and produce annotated bibliography.

RAC Staff Data Modeling Exercise - September 2017 complete

Engage select RAC staff in data modeling exercises to learn from domain expertise and encourage computational thinking.

Initial Draft of Data Model - October 2017 complete

Determine what objects we need to model and draft initial models.

Usability Testing

January - September 2018

Usability Test Script - January 2018 complete

Create a script for standardized usability testing of the transfer application user interface.

User Tasks - February - September 2018 complete

Create tasks based on user scenarios that facilitate the targeted usability testing of the features and functions of the transfer application. Add and revise tasks to adapt to design iteration.

Usability Testing - June - September 2018 complete

Conduct iterative usability testing of the transfer application with RAC staff. Report problems identified in testing and recommend design solutions. Repeat testing periodically as new features are introduced during application development.

Service Level Agreement complete

Create a service level agreement to govern maintenance of repository.


September 2016-September 2018

Web presence - September 2016 complete

Create a website to serve as a central clearinghouse for project updates, documentation contact information and other materials.

Communication plan - October 2016 complete

Identify key stakeholders - both internal and external - and develop a plan for communicating project status to them, including formal and informal reporting, presentations, and social media strategy.

Gather user stories from donor organizations, RAC staff, allied professionals and researchers - November/December 2016 complete

Identify stakeholder donor organizations with a range of technical infrastructure and support, develop conversation guidelines and interview to determine user stories for ingest and access of digital records.

Review and reorganize existing user stories - December 2016 complete

Review user stories created for DAMS project and determine which are in scope and which are out of scope, then organize according to archival functions.

Develop personas - December 2016 complete

Develop user personas to help guide design and development decisions for all aspects of Project Electron.

Determine licensing strategy - September 2016 complete

Determine appropriate means of placing documentation under version control and making it as widely available as possible with clear licensing. Solution will likely require multiple licensing and permissions options. Use MIT license as default.

Archivematica integration strategy - December 2016 complete

Develop overall strategy for using Archivematica in ingest processes.

User Scenarios - September 2018 complete

Create user scenarios based on Project Electron personas and local expertise.

Functional Requirements - September 2018 complete

Develop functional requirements and create structured tests to ensure deliverables match requirements.

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