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Rocket.Chat logo

Integrate with Rocket.Chat !

Integrate your apps with Rocket.Chat. Powered by Hubot.

What is Chat-ops

Chat-ops allow you to integrate external systems and applications to Rocket.Chat.

It consists of two major components:

  • Hubot
  • Chat integrations

You should always be running Hubot on your own process or machine, see Hubot documentation for all you need to know to create, run, and operate hubots.

Chat integrations are extension APIs that hubot code can use to integrate with Rocket.Chat.

Chat integrations is NOW CORE!

We are delighted to announce that Chat integrations is now part of core. See core repository for future development of chat integrations.

This repository will showcase a collection of Hubot and Meteor Packages that you can use in your own integrations!


We have been testing our GitHub and GitLab integration hubots for months on our community chat server.

Meet Baron Bogo! Our GitHub integration hubot.

Meet Gitsy ! Our GitLab integration hubot.

Meet Raffie ! Our baby AI frontier exploration learning hubot. Backed by A.L.I.C.E. on the mother side, and Watson on the other, will Raffie grow up to be the genius that make his parents proud? Stay tuned - coming soon.

Meteor Packages

Old Chat-ops information

100% powered by hubot.

Main features:

  • flexible fly-in panels that can contain arbitrary user interface
  • scalable inbound event handling
  • scalable outbound command dispatching
  • inbound data rendered by specialized widgets on fly-ins (example: code is rendered in syntax highlighed text editor)
  • real time feeds, connected by chat fabric, p2p direct data stream from source <--> sinks into UI widget(s) on fly-ins
  • modular, non-intrusive, integration with the mainstream Rocket.Chat core
  • bots backwards compatible with Rocket.Chat core
  • extension is per-room customizable, for example: one room for open source project Rocket.Chat developers via github integration, another for MineCraft server farms operators discussion and network monitoring, yet another for a drone delivery service's fleet monitoring and control (see screenshot below)

Integrate your apps with fly-in panels

Full syntax highlighted text editor on a fly-in

Test Coverage Code Climate MIT License