Create practice tests from your question pools to help you study!
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Generate practice tests (go figure) from question pools to help you study for your exams!

Quick Usage

The easiest way to use the PracticeTesting library is to just load up an existing XML question pool and create a test from it. Then you ask each question and record the answer. In a console app, the main test function would be similar to this:

var questionPoolFileName = @"c:\the\full\path\to\your\question\pool.xml";
var questionPool = QuestionPool.LoadFromXmlFile(questionPoolFileName);
var practiceTest = questionPool.CreatePracticeTest();

foreach(var practiceTestQuestion in practiceTest.Questions)
    // ask the question and get the answer, `AskAndGetAnswer()` is your function
    var answer = AskAndGetAnswer(practiceTestQuestion);

    // record my answer
    practiceTestQuestion.AnswerChosen = answer;

If you are using this in a web application, the practice test is likely destroyed before the answers are provided. For this reason, QuestionPool.CreatePracticeTest() has an overload which takes an enumerable of question ids, which are generated from the PracticeTestQuestion.QuestionId property.

public ActionResult GradeTest(string[] answers, string[] questionIds)
    // get the test and apply the answers
    var questionPool = GetQuestionPool();
    var practiceTest = pool.CreatePracticeTest(questionIds);

    for (int qIndex = 0, numberOfQuestions = answers.Count; qIndex < numberOfQuestions; qIndex += 1)
        var answerId = answers[qIndex];
        if (answerId == string.Empty) continue; // they skipped this question

        var question = test.Questions.ElementAt(questionIndex);
        question.AnswerChosen = question.Choices.Single(a => a.OptionId == answerId);

    return View("GradedTest", practiceTest);

The XML Format

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<QuestionPool xmlns="" randomizedTestOrder="false">
  <Name>The Example Test</Name>
  <Organization>Rocket Clubs</Organization>
  <Link url="" text="Question Pool Source" toolTip="Links are for posting relevant content such as where the original question pool source" />
  <Link url="" text="Diagrams Source" toolTip="Make sure to give credit to the original source for your diagrams as well" />
  <Section name="G1A" numberOnTest="1">
    <Description>Many question pools are divided into sections and take a set number of questions from each section.</Description>
    <Question number="01">
      <Prompt>What is the question number?</Prompt>
      <Answer choice="A" correct="false">It's a number starting from 1 and going to int.MaxValue</Answer>
      <Answer choice="B" correct="false">It's actually useless</Answer>
      <Answer choice="C" correct="true">It's a string that is combined with the section name to make a unique identifier for this question</Answer>
      <Answer choice="D" correct="false">Some answer that is not true</Answer>
    <Question number="02">
      <Prompt>How does the uri in a diagram work?</Prompt>
      <Diagram title="My Diagram" uri="my-diagram.png" source="" />
      <Answer choice="A" correct="false">It is a file in at the end of the source attribute</Answer>
      <Answer choice="B" correct="true">It's and identifier to help the programmer decide where it is</Answer>
      <Answer choice="C" correct="false">It's a path relative to the question pool itself</Answer>
      <Answer choice="D" correct="false">It's a link back to the non-existent diagrams section of this spec</Answer>

Common Problems

  • The XML namespace is