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Community-supplied translations for King under the Mountain
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Community Translations for King under the Mountain

This is the official community translations mod for King under the Mountain


As King under the Mountain is in active development, the text in the game is constantly being added to. Until release, it would not be feasible to produce a complete translation into the main languages as they would quickly fall out of date with each new release of the game.

The intention for this mod (and this git repository) is that the CSV files in the translations directory will be kept up to date with contributions from the game's developers and community.

About the translation files

Each translation is in a separate CSV (comma separated values) file with 4 columns:

  • KEY - The special code used by the game to load the correct text
  • NOTES - Only provided for hints to translators
  • ENGLISH - The original English translation for this KEY
  • (language) - The translation of the English text into the relevant language

You should be able to open and edit these with any spreadsheet software such as Microsoft Excel or LibreOffice Calc. Be sure to save the file in its original format (.csv with commas , as the separator and double quotes " as the string delimiter). The character set is UTF-8.

There are already some existing translations from earlier rounds of supposedly professional localisation. Some of these did not have enough context and are poor translations, so feel free to correct and update anything you deem appropriate.

Anything between double curly-brackets {{LIKE THIS}} will be replaced with other text by the game engine and should not be changed as part of the translation. For example, the translation of Planting {{requiredItem}} into German is Pflanzt {{requiredItem}}.

How to Contribute

Ideally, additions and modifications to the translations will be performed on Github via pull requests to the main project. If you'd like to contribute but aren't comfortable using git and Github, you can download and edit the relevant .csv file from /translations and email your changes to

Similarly if there is a language translation you would like to contribute to that does not yet have a CSV file, please get in touch via Discord or email and it will be added.

Ideally, also please join the game's Discord and jump into the #translations channel.

Version History

  • 1.0.0
    • Initial Release
  • 1.0.X
    • Added contributions to languages


This project is licensed under the Creative Commons Legal Code License - see the LICENSE.txt file for details


German translation

  • Katharina Schrempf
  • Ferdinand Niedermann

French translation

  • Rodolphe Moissinac

Danish translation

  • Mathias kiær
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