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Welcome to the Rocket wiki! Rocket is an extensible Unity3D Server Mod. It acts as a simple wrapper around the game's core functionality and loads custom commands, configurations, and gameobjects. With a built-in permission system and growing plugin ecosystem, it's the best way for server admins to customize their Unturned 3 server to their needs.

This wiki contains useful information about how to setup a Rocket server, but also covers basics in how to develop custom plugins. Feel free to extend or correct the wiki.

If you want do download the latest Rocket, head over to our website at https://rocketmod.net/get-rocket. You can also browse the official plugin repository.

If you want to contact us feel free to drop us an e-mail at info@rocketmod.net or join our XMPP MUC at xmpp://rocket@conference.bam.yt