Fixing Issues

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Important: The examples in here may be outdated, feel free to help us keeping them up to date, you can simply edit them if you are logged in on GitHub.

Whenever you encounter issues with Rocket please make sure to follow the following simple steps to identify the cause.

XMLExceptions in the console

XMLException are a hint for malformed xml files. The source of this exception can either be a translation file, the rocket settings or a plugin configuration. Read the exception carefully and try to identify the malformed file. Make sure it is not malformed by validating it with If you can't fix an issue with a plugin configuration file the schema most likely has changed. Simply rename the file and let the plugin recreate the file when reloaded, you can them simply apply your individual configurations in the new schema again.

You can't connect to your machine / Others can't connect to your machine

First, check to see if there were any errors or messages in the console. Read them carefully and try to fix eventual errors. If the server doesn't seem to show up, go to the console make sure that the ports are forwarded. Please see the handbook of your router or for additional information. Make also sure that the Windows Firewall does not block Unturned. Important: Beside the port of the game itself (27015 UDP), the 2 ports above MUST also be forwarded (27016 UDP, 27017 UDP) for the server to properly work.

If your network is properly setup then try to stop the server, backup & delete player and level data, and start the server again.

Also, make sure your Rocket version matches with the Unturned version.

Rocket will not generate configuration files

I have seen this one around a couple of times since First and foremost make sure that you are in the right folder (Unturned/Servers/yourservername), if that is correct try reloading rocket by typing "rocket reload" without the quotes. If this still doesn't help you try creating a new shortcut with another instance(server name). For a single plugin, you can also try to type "rocket reload " (Make sure that your plugin is up-to-date.)

You experience lags or timeouts

If you experience lags or timeouts watch your memory & CPU consumption. In most of the cases either the hardware on the servers are not strong enough to handle the current amount of players. If you are hosting from home the network is also likely to be the bottleneck as you not only need a good download rate but a good upload rate, and most ISPs don't offer both.

If only specific players have issues then it's most likely their internet connection. It's also very simple to find out if the lag is only client side - in very crowded regions it's possible that too many barricades are crashing clients. To test this, backup & delete player and level data and restart the server.

None of the solutions above fixed my problem

If none of the solutions fixed your problem, then it's important to reproduce this issue in a clean environment before you report this issue. Completely delete the Unturned folder and reinstall Unturned 3, don't install Rocket and don't restore backups of your level, just start the server. If the issue is no longer there, install Rocket without any plugins and check it again.

Only if the issue is happening in the latest version of Rocket and NOT in the vanilla version of Unturned we can be sure it could be a Rocket bug, in this case, please report it here:

If the bug also appears in vanilla untouched Unturned 3 then make sure to report the bug on the main menu of the game (Press ESC on the main menu)

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