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Installing Rocket

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Important: The examples in here may be outdated, feel free to help us keeping them up to date, you can simply edit them if you are logged in on GitHub.


It is recommended that you start with a fresh install of Unturned 3 running the newest version of Rocket. We strongly recommend that you use SteamCMD instead of a Steam client to install and update Unturned 3 on your servers to reduce the load. You can read more about SteamCMD in their official Wiki. An example on how to download & update would look like this:

steamcmd +login <username> <password> +force_install_dir ..\Unturned +app_update 304930 +exit

Note: To download the "Unturned" game server you must log in with a Steam account.

Download & Install

Download the latest Rocket from here and unzip it into the Unturned folder. Start the Unturned 3 server because Rocket will create files and directories that you'll need.

Note: Do NOT install this in the same installation as the one you play from (which you probably downloaded with the steam client and not with SteamCMD like the top of this page told you to). Installing it in the same installation as the one you play on will cause kicks by BattlEye due to unofficial modules.

Installation of additional Plugins

You can get additional plugins here. Place the plugins and any libraries into the folder For plugins


For libraries


Note: A Plugin creates a directory containing configuration file(s) when Rocket loads the plugin.
Note: Rocket can load plugins without restarting the server. Simply type rocket load <Plugin> in the CLI.


Note: Before you start configuring Rocket make sure that the Unturned configuration is working (Ports 27015-27018 forwarded, server name set...).


You find the individual plugin configurations in the folders matching their name under



To create groups or add players to groups edit the file


Rocket Settings

To modify general Rocket settings you can edit the file

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