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Check here on how to update TWiLight Menu++.
Also, for DSi users with CFW, delete 53524c41 at sd:/title/00030015, and replace autoboot.bin at sd:/hiya as well.
In addition to the regular instructions, if you're a flashcard user, extract BOOT_fc.nds to the flashcard's SD root, make a copy, and rename that to boot.nds, and also update your flashcard's autoboot file.

Includes nds-bootstrap v0.15.0.

What's new?

  • Volume and battery indicators added to DSi, 3DS, and Acekard themes!
    For the Acekard theme, only the DS menu and Switch themes for the AK theme show the volume and battery (icons for AK themes added by @Epicpkmn11).
    Also, in DS mode, no volume icon will be shown, and instead of showing 4 battery bars, it'll show 2, and on DS Phat/Lite consoles, it'll be green instead of blue, to match the console's power LED light.
  • You can now have multiple saves for your games! Up to 10 .sav files can be used.
    To access the option, open up per-game settings.
  • The TWiLight Menu++ CIA is now shown on the 3DS HOME Menu.
    As a result, on next boot of the app, it will load faster, and the TWiLight Menu++ Launcher has been deprecated, as the next version of it will just be an updater.
  • If you're on a Panda/Dev DSi unit or a 3DS/2DS, a game console select screen will be shown, if it's your first time using TWLMenu++.
  • A new animated icon for TWiLight Menu++ has been added! (made by @vulpes-vulpeos)
  • The alternative names (SRLoader and DSiMenu++) have been dropped to avoid confusion. (suggested by @NightYoshi370)
  • As the new nds-bootstrap release (v0.15.0) breaks compatibility with GBARunner2, the old hb bootstrap is still used to boot GBARunner2.
  • If you're running TWLMenu++ from a flashcard on DSi or 3DS/2DS, the HOME icon is now shown on the DSi/3DS theme, where you can touch it to return to system menu.

Bug fix

  • Fixed not saving hb rom's bootstrap file (thanks to @Epicpkmn11).