A very delicate and slightly unusual roman serif typeface dedicated to my wife, and the great Dutch and American type designers.
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Klei began as a Valentines card for my beloved wife Alisa. I had hand drawn the letters in her name, and three years later, from those rough glyphs, this font was born. Her childhood nickname growing up was Clay, and being that this font is so influenced by the dutch masters, of course it had do be called Klei; the Dutch word for Clay.

My hope is that this font will fill a very real need for well drawn and complete SIL licensed serif typeface. We're excited to see it evolve and to see it in use in many beautiful projects. This project has been nothing but admiration and love for the art of typography; and my darling Alisa.

Klei type samples Klei Valentines Card

About Files

The Klei.sfd folder contains the native FontForge source files.

├── specimens                 // Type samples
|   ├── latin_proofs          // .sla, .idml and .pdf proofs
|   |   ├── baseline          // basic proofs
|   |   ├── comparisons       // regular vs. italic proofs
|   |   ├── diacritical_marks // diacritics
|   |   ├── miscellaneous     // common words
|   |   ├── mockups           // book proofs no-typsetting
|   |   ├── prototyping       // aphabets
|   |   ├── QA                // 'final' proof
├── fonts                     // Compiled OTF fonts
|   ├── otf                   // .otf font files
|   ├── ufo                   // .ufo font files
|   ├── web                   // .woff web files
├── klei.sfd                  // FontForge masters
├── LICENCE.md                // OFL license info
├── README.md


  • Greek glyphs
  • Cyrillic glyphs
  • Small caps
  • Alt glyphs
  • Create a heavy black weight
  • Post UFO files
  • Upload Web Fonts !Untested!

Originally released 'Valentines Day' or 'Love Free Software Day' Feb 14, 2018


Copyright (c) 2015, 2018 Joseph Steck, Rocketroom LLC. (http://rocketroom.com), with Reserved Font Name 'Klei'. All rights reserved.

This Font Software is licensed under the SIL Open Font License, Version 1.1. This license is copied below, and is also available with a FAQ at: http://scripts.sil.org/OFL


We would really welcome any help finishing and extending Klei. We would especially welcome any help with Greek and Cyrillic glyphs and testing on different platforms.

Special thanks to Dave Crossland for inspiring me to start on this journey and for encouraging me to continue on. It turns out that the magic ingredient for any typeface is perseverance. To James Puckett DunwichType for making his DTF_Proofs available. They continue to prove invaluable in the continuing effort to refine this typeface.

Klei Dickens sample