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#Sequence - The jQuery Slider Plugin with Infinite Style Sequence is the jQuery slider plugin with infinite style. It provides the complete functionality for a website slider without forcing you to use a set theme. In fact, Sequence has no in-built theme, leaving you complete creative control to build a unique slider using only CSS3 -- no jQuery knowledge required!


  • Unique transition styles created using CSS3
  • Supports all modern browsers
  • Gracefully degrades in older browsers*
  • Supports responsive layouts
  • Supports touch devices and swiping
  • Many developer features with even more to come
  • Semantic and easy to use markup
  • Open source

*Tested down to Firefox 3.6 and IE7. Extensive support details to come

##Theme Demos

##Documentation The unashamedly technical documentation can be found here: SequenceJS Demo. Quick guides are on their way!

##Author Ian Lunn (say hi on Twitter!)

##License sequence.js is a FREE script and is dual licensed under the following: http://www.opensource.org/licenses/mit-license.php | http://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl.html

Theme files, their HTML, CSS, JavaScript/jQuery and images are licensed under the following unless otherwise stated: http://www.opensource.org/licenses/mit-license.php | http://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl.html

http://www.sequencejs.com/, the sequence.js script and its dependencies are © 2012 Ian Lunn Design unless otherwise specified.

##What's New?

(v0.5.2 18/04/2012) ###Touch Swiping Improved Swiping on touch devices has been improved and swipeThreshold is working again. Links within frames are clickable and the page can be scrolled vertically without initiating a frame change.

(v0.5.1 17/04/2012)

###Changed Default Values for nextButton and prevButton The nextButton and prevButton options are now turned off out of the box. To turn them on, either use the defaults by setting these options to true or by specifying a CSS selector to use your own custom buttons

(v0.5 15/04/2012)

###Multiple Instances Now Working Merged a pull request that got multiple instances of Sequence on one page working.

(v0.4 11/03/2012)

###Previous/Next Button Options The previous and next buttons now have a couple more options:

  • nextButtonSrc: specify a path to an image to be used as the next button
  • nextButtonAlt: specify a string to be used as the alt text for the next button image
  • prevButtonSrc: specify a path to an image to be used as the previous button
  • prevButtonAlt: specify a string to be used as the alt text for the previous button image

###Maintenance General tidy up of the script. Made some changes for better practice -- now only using one jQuery function etc, all dependencies are enclosed within the Sequence function. Also optimised .init().

(v0.3 06/03/2012)

###Modernizr Detect Sequence will now detect whether Modernizr.prefixed is installed on the site, if it's not, it'll use its own instance.

###pauseOnElementsOutsideContainer Sequence will now only trigger the pause function when hovering over its child elements inside the container. If you'd like Sequence to pause when hovering on child elements outside of the container, set this to true.

###pauseIcon Fix In update v0.2, the pauseIcon option got broken. This is now fixed.

(v0.2 28/02/2012)

###Preloader Sequence now has a default preloader or support for a custom preloader. When preloading is complete, a class of "preloading-complete" can be added to one or multiple elements to allow you to write your own reveal using CSS3 transitions. Also comes with a callback for when the preloading is complete.

###Cycle Option Choose whether Sequence should go back to the start when it reaches the last frame (or the first frame if navigating backwards)

###reverseAnimationsWhenNavigatingBackwards Option When navigating backwards, you can now specify whether frames should animate forwards or in reverse