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  • Improvements to database access to reduce transient errors across http requests


Version 1.0

  • Add user, get user info functions available
  • Create session (authenticate), "whois" functions available
  • No https at this time (can be changed if needed)
  • Authentication uses form based or http basic auth


Version 1.0

  • Add a new project
  • Can define data products and meta data for scanning and mapping a file server (ftp, sftp, ftps)
  • Can search catalogue for URLs based on data product definitions


Verion 1.0

  • CICSTART MACRO LANGUAGE (CML) available with the following functions
    • StartVM and On
    • GetVFS/PutVFS (only works with CICSTART VFS installation, no 3rd party yet)
    • Run (arbitrary shell commands)
  • Works only with Linux OS
  • VMs not shut down after macro is run, do this manually
  • Require a DAIR user account, specify DAIR credentials on CICSTART User object
    • no update yet on Auth/user service, so get your DAIR account before creating a CICSTART user


Version 1.0

  • All basic functionality to retrieve and cache files exists


Version 1.0

  • All basic functionality to store and access files via REST service available
  • no ftp or sftp available on CICSTART server yet (firewall issues)
  • Download and setup your own VFS instance for longer term (and bigger) storage
  • Limited to 256 MB storage (for now) on DAIR CICSTART server
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