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@RoderickQiu RoderickQiu released this 22 Jan 15:43

中文部分 | English Things Below



  • 如果你是Windows 8/8.1/10用户且没有关闭Windows Defender Smartscreen,你有可能需要在打开应用后的Smartscreen拦截框中点击“更多信息”->“仍然允许”来运行wnr。原因很简单:取消这个拦截需要我们花费数百美刀购买证书。

  • 如果你是Windows 7用户,且你在使用时出现wnr黑屏的情况,请为wnr打开 “Vista兼容模式” (找到wnr的快捷方式,在右键菜单中找到“属性”,在“兼容性”->“兼容模式”的下拉菜单中选择“Windows Vista”)

  • 如果你是macOS用户,若出现“无法打开应用”警告,请遵照这个教程打开应用,原因同样是因为签名证书太贵,难以负担。此外,若出现 “已损坏,无法打开。 您应该将它移到废纸篓”报错,则请遵照另一个教程打开应用 。对于macOS 12 (Ventura)用户,还应在终端中设置 xattr -cr /Applications/


  • 修复了一些 Bugs,包括对 MINI Mode 大于一小时任务的正确处理,以及更换显示器后可能出现在显示器之外的问题。
  • 预设任务中现在支持无限多位小数,以实现精确到秒的控制。


  • 修复了一些 Bugs,并且做了一些优化;例如对旧系统、MINI 模式、计时中途提醒等的支持变得更好。
  • 一段时间结束后的对话框现在支持按 Enter 键快速关闭。
  • 允许在长时间暂停后,重新开始当前计时。
  • 增加了使用本地提示音频的功能。
  • 为 Windows 平台开始提供原生 arm64 版本。


  1. 蓝奏云高速下载

  2. 百度网盘链接备用(密码:swh3)

  3. Scoop (Windows)

scoop bucket add sushi
scoop install sushi/wnr



English Part

Tips for Windows Users:

  • Please note that if you've turned on Windows Defender Smartscreen, you may need to click [more info] and then [still allow] to run it, or to click [run anyway] for Windows 8. The situation is here because we cannot afford to buy a signing certificate which costs [hundreds of dollars].

  • If you are using Windows 7 and the application isn't working properly, please apply for the "Vista Compatibility Mode".

Tip for macOS Users:

  • Please note that the macOS version is unsigned, so you may need to follow this guide in order to use. This software is clean and safe, I promise.

  • If macOS reports wnr as "damaged", please follow this guide to get rid of this. If you are using macOS 12 (Ventura), it is reported that terminal script xattr -cr /Applications/ is also needed.

Updated For:

  • Bugs fixed for MINI mode for tasks longer than 1 hour, and that it may be positioned out of the screen after changing displays.
  • Predefined tasks now support infinite decimal places to achieve precise control of seconds.

Recently Updated:

  • Bugs fixed and several features optimized.
  • The dialogs now support pressing Enter button to close.
  • Allow to restart current period after pausing long.
  • Allow to use local audio as the notify sound.
  • Start to provide native Arm64 version for Windows.


  1. GitHub Release

  2. Also available on Softpedia

  3. Scoop (Windows)

scoop bucket add sushi
scoop install sushi/wnr

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