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Comparing with version 1.4.0, version 1.5.3 has got these new features (things with bold font are brought by this small update):

  • Some more little small features (settings for notifications (1 minute left & long time no use), simple and better defaults).

  • Dark mode support (On Windows, a relaunch is required for applying dark mode).

  • Performance improvements, bugs fixed (problem with the 1 minute left tip, crash and input problem for 'e', time sum calculation) and other general enhancements.

    If you were using Linux, you were using another language, or you found a bug, you could create an issue to tell me, and we could work together!

    Please note that the macOS version is unsigned, so you may need to follow this guide in order to use. This software is clean and safe, I promise.


    It's also available on Softpedia for Windows

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