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#dndTree ##Introduction dndTree is a drag & drop tree built using D3.js. It was tested in the latest version of Chrome and Firefox.

It's not exactly brilliant code, but I looked for a D&D tree and couldn't find one, so I made this one publicly available. Feel free to use and tweak, and please report any issue you find.


  • dndTree.js is the actual lib. The code isn't properly done (yet?), so you'll need to edit this file to customize the tree.
  • dndTree.css are sample styles for the tree. Really ugly right now, but useful for testing.
  • <name>.json are data files to test the tree. Ignore issuestable.json for now, it doesn't work. It will in the future! :)
  • index.html a simple example

##Usage To use, just create a div with a specific id, and call the constructor. Next, just send your data to the tree. This example assumes you have a issues.json file with your tree.

<div id="chart"></div>
<script type="text/javascript">
    	var tree = new dndTree("#chart");
    	d3.json("issues.json", function(json) {

###JSON format The .json file needs to have a hierarchical structure. Something like:

{"id": 1, "name": "Parent", "children": [
  {"id": 2, "name": "Child 1", "children": [
    {"id": 3, "name": "Child 1.1", "children": [
        {"id": 4,"name": "Child 1.1.1"},
        {"id": 5, "name": "Child 1.1.2"}
  {"id": 6, "name": "Child 2", "children": [
  	{"id": 7,"name": "Child 2.2"},
  	{"id": 8, "name": "Child 2.3"}

This uses the D3 tree layout, so you can check more details here.

##Customization Customization right now isn't a pretty thing… I need to improve that bit!

You'll need to dive into D3 and play with the innerUpdate function. Just beware that some of the elements are required for drag and drop to work.