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sisula, short for "simple substitution language", is a language for producing text output from XML input.

The current version is built in JavaScript and should run using HTA in any Windows version from the last decade. There are no special requirements or dependencies. A legacy version using JScript in Windows Scripting Host is also available.


The ETL branch contains an SQL driven ELT framework for data warehouse automation. This framework can be used with SQL Server and is particularly useful for Anchor Modeling. There is a playlist of video tutorials on how to use it available here:


The sisulator takes an XML file as input and converts this into a JSON-compatible object according to a mapping ruleset. It will then process a number of sisulets as specified in the given directive, which recieve the object as input. The sisulets are parsed and the sisula language substituted to JavaScript/JScript using regular expressions, after which the JavaScript/JScript is evaluated and the output stored.


sisula was introduced in Anchor Modeling in order to replace XSLT for producing text output, and a first JavaScript version of the Sisulator is built into its modeling tool. This version is derived from that work.